How to Classify The Protective Clothing Based on The Different Protective Object?

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According to different applications of protective clothing, it can be divided into the military use, industrial use, mining use, medical and health use, agriculture use, construction use and other several categories. According to different working environment, it can be divided into high temperature protective clothing and low temperature protective clothing. According to the protective functions, it can be divided into health protective clothing, safe protective clothing and protective clothing which was used to protect the wearers’ health. According to the protection object, it can be divided into general labor protective clothing and special labor protective clothing.
General labor protective clothing was used to ensure the laborers’ to prevent from dirty during the production operation, prevent from mechanical stranded injury, prevent from abrasion and other physical damage. According to the function of the clothing, the general labor protective clothing can be used to keep the workers’ themselves clothing clean, can be used to protect the quality of the products and keep workplaces hygiene. The general labor protective clothing was mainly used in construction industry, machinery processing enterprises, food processing and other services sectors. Such protective clothing on the material request is not high, general textile material can meet the requirements, such as cotton, polyester, chemical fiber, etc which are very common in life, can satisfy the requirement of the corresponding protective clothing materials.
Special labor protective clothing was used to ensure the laborers’ personal safety and health who worked in the special environment, and try to reduce occupational hazards and avoid casualties as far as possible. Such as mining enterprises, chemical industry enterprises, aerospace industry, fire fighting industry and other special field or other harsh environment. The special protective clothing must be designed and made according to industry characteristics and environmental characteristics, the fabric material must be choose carefully and the protective performance must be tested according to the used environment and industry requirements. For example: the use of protective clothing under the environment of high temperature, not only need to have a high temperature resistant performance, at the same time also need to have the good properties, such as heat insulation, heat and wet dissipation, in order to prevent high temperature injury to the human body.

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