How Many Famous Test Standard Associations in America?

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America textile chemists and colorists (for short “AATCC”) is one non-government institution that recognizes and analyzes textile’s color fastness/ physical performance/ biological properties.
The predecessor of American Society for Testing and Materials (for short “ASTM “) is International Association for Testing Materials (for short “IATM”). 1880s, to solve purchasers and suppliers’ opinion and differences generated from buying and selling industrial materials, someone put forward to build technical committee system, technical committee organize representative in all aspect to attend technology forum, to talk and solve relative material norms/test procedure such aspects disputed issues. IATM firstly had the meeting in 1882 in Europe; on the meeting it generated working committee.
National Institute of Standards and Technology (for short “NIST “) belongs to America commerce department, work on physics/ biology/engineering such basic and applied research, and measuring technique and measuring method research, provide standard/ standard reference data and relative service, and have great reputation internationally.
CPSC is one important America consumer protection mechanism that is Consumer Product Safety Committee which abbreviation is CPSA. Consumer Product Safety Committee is started from 1972; its responsibility is protecting consumer’s profit, through decrease products’ harm and death risk to protect human body and family safety. The main function for CPSC is: set manufacturer self-discipline standard, formulate mandatory standard or prohibition to those products which don’t have standard to apply with. To inspect those products having potential risk and feed back to consumer through several way including media/state/local government/individual group etc. CPSC now have the responsible to more than 15,000 kinds of products for safety supervision.
Canadian General Standards Board ( for short”CGSB”) is responsible for making national standard in more than 70 fields. This committee provide standard with aid of description/qualification/certification such aspects to private enterprise and public sector. According to government request, CGSB also made the process and requirement for products and service qualification and authentication. To some extent, it will affect government’s assignment policy. CGSB is one of the present Canada two quality system certificate authorities; another one is Quality Management Institute (for short QMI) which belongs to CSA.
Mexico official association has built one union of enterprises in 2005, now it already has more than 100 companies.

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