What are Europe's Leading Testing Standards Association?

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EN14116 flame retardant test standards
CENELEC and CEN and their joint institution CEN / CENELEC are Europe's leading standards establishment organization, CENELEC was founded in 1976 in Brussels, Belgium, by the merger of two earlier institutions. Its purpose is to coordinate electrical standards promulgated by standards organizations in Europe and the countries concerned on the elimination of technical barriers to trade. CENELEC members is the 12 member states of European Community and the national committee of European Free Trade Area (EFTA) 7 member countries, CENELEC is in charge of all the area of electrician technology, and CEN manage the other area.
DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.) is the responsible institution of standardization in Germany, as a national standardization institution to participate in international and regional non-governmental standardizing bodies.
DIN is a registered private association, there are about 6000 industrial companies and organizations as their members. It has 123 Standard Committees and 3655 working Committees.
NF is the code of French standard, the management organization of NF is French Association for Standardization.
BS standard is the British Standars which were formulated by Britain Standard Institute, namely BSI. BSI is an unofficial association who owns very high reputation on the international, BSI was established in 1901 and it is the first national standardization organization in this world, it is not subject to government control but got strongly government support. BSI formulates and revises British Standards, and to facilitate its implementation.

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