Twill cotton, Combed cotton and Blended cotton, which one is best?

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twill cotton fr fabric
Twill cotton is one kind of weaving technique of fabric, fabric surface is full and it is easy to make flat setting, in another words, it is shrink-proof. The density of twill cotton is larger than plain fabric, it costs more yarns and has a good abradability. Twill cotton is firmer than plain fabric and it is easy to control the shrink rate.
Combed cotton increases one exquisite carding process when spinning. It is to comb the shorter fiber and get rid of the impurity in the cotton so that it can make glossy yarns, make cotton more strong and not easy to have pilling. Accordingly the quality of cotton will be more steady. The fabrics made by combed cotton will have higher quality in texture, washability and durability.
Cotton blended fabric is made by blended yarn which adopts cotton fiber and other one or two above different fibers. Cotton blended fabrics mainly have three types: cotton brocade, brocade cotton and polyester. It belongs to fiber fabric, and it is comfort, cool and breathable to wear. What is more, it also has good elasticity. This fabric has many merits such as soft color, good draping and small shrinkage and so on.
Combed cotton fabric is soft and strong. It is suggested to use “looking” and “touching” two methods to identify the ordinary cotton and combed cotton. Looking method means that single-deck fabric put onto the hand and after light perspective, we can see the combed cotton fabric is compact and we can not see any hand shadow under the light; while because the ordinary cotton fabric density is small, we can see the hand shadow under the light. Touching method is to feel the cotton fabric whether is soft and strong or not.

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