How to Maintain The Yarn-Dyed All Cotton Fabric Correctly?

2016-12-21 09:33 | writer: admin

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Nowadays, the development of textile industry is very fast, and so many textiles appeared into our life and yarn-dyed all cotton fabric is the represent of textile. So what are the correct methods to maintain the yarn-dyed all cotton fabric? Now let us to make this kind of fabric universal.
1. Yarn-dyed all cotton fabric should be dried at cool, well-ventilated place after cleaning, do not dry it in the sun or hyperthermal place for fear of degumming and accelerating aging.
2. Do not touch the chemicals such as acid, alkali and salt for fear that degumming and deformation caused by eroding.
3. Use soft and uniform strength to wash it. Do not brush it hard for fear of stub.
4. Do not put together with sharp goods for fear of scratch and cutting.
5. For the white canvas, do not put together with something difficult to wash such as carbon ink. Better coat with toothpaste or white chalk powder uniformly after cleaning, and then dry it for fear of discoloration. Or just putting two pieces of white paper onto the canvas, dry it and then tear off for fear of discoloration.

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