According to Color, How Many Types Can Pure Cotton Cloth be Divided Into?

2016-12-28 08:52 | writer: admin

cotton fabric
According to color, pure cotton can be divided into plain cotton, white sheeting, yarn-dyed fabric and print fabric.
Plain cotton is dyed by one single color, and there is no pattern.
White sheeting is the fabric which treated with bleaching.
Print fabric is the fabric which treated with printing process. The pattern is clear and color is bright in front while fuzzy and dark on the other side.
Yarn-dyed fabric is called yarn dye in Japan. Most fabric is dyed after piece goods, while yarn-dyed fabric dyes the cotton yarn first and then spinning. We often see some fabric such as plaid fabric and chambray are all belonged to yarn-dyed fabric. Actually, jean also belongs to yarn-dyed fabric, and it is usually dyed from indigo warp yarn and natural color weft yarn.

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