What's The Relation Between BS Standard and BSEN Standard?

2017-01-05 09:14 | writer: admin

EN standard
EN is European Union standard, BS is the British standard which was formulated by Britain standard institution,namely BSI. Due to Britain was the member country of European Union, they always adopted EU standard into their own country. Usually, there are 3 kinds of different situations of adoption:
1.Totally same
2.Same effect, different illustration, but same goal
3.Not exactly same, the index are same or similar, but with different requirements 
Bothe BS EN and DIN EN are exactly same as EN, was not formulated by themselves,they use EN’s standards directly. If apply EN’s standard, British standard name will say BS EN, if apply ISO’s standard, it will say BS ISO, if apply IEC’s standard, will say BS IEC. If British use EN’s standard, but EN use the ISO’s standard, so British will say BS EN ISO. At this time, the BS EN ISO is exactly same as ISO.
There are many member countries in European Union, so EN often has different version with multilingual language. Such as IEC standard, usually with two language English and French. In these different version, French is the most precise one.

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