How to Check Authenticity of The Report?

2017-01-11 08:25 | writer: admin

Nowadays, the type of test reports are various. So how to check authenticity of the report has a vital practical value. 
1. Qualification examination
The third party report can be given to whom has qualification. Special industry or oversea laboratories also need have relevant qualification.
2. Checking the process details 
To given the test report, there must be one process in the laboratory. From receiving samples, taking photos, testing, re-checking, checking data, signing to stamping, those one set of processes must be appeared in the report. By comparing the date of the report with date of receiving samples and date of data, stamping or not, and signing or not, the report can be recognized to be authenticity or not. There are usually red badges and seal on the perforation in the domestic laboratory while there are blue badges or red badges and no seal on the perforation in the oversea laboratory. Those small details are the basis of judgments to check the authenticity of the report.
3. Checking the standard and test content
Because the testing has some certain specialities, checking the methods or standards can recognize whether it meets requirements or not. Partly tampering report which can only change the title and products, while there is no capacity to change the test methods or standards. So this item can be an important accordance to check the authenticity of the report.
4. The most direct checking way
There must be a file or soft copy in the laboratory after one report be given. The most direct way is to check with certifying authority. And now many testing organization has opened checking functions, you can download the soft copy for inquiry.
The flame retardant reports of Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. has SGS EN11611/EN11612、SGS NFPA2112、SGSCAN/CGSB, etc. Totally about 30 kinds of reports. And BTTG EN1149-3、TUVE EN20471 for other functional fabrics, totally about 20 kinds of reports.. Those all can be checked by the official website of the testing organization.

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