What is Poplin?

2017-02-08 08:20 | writer: admin

cotton fr fabric
Poplin is high grade in cotton fabric, using superior quality yarn in weft and warp, and the yarn is go through combed and bombing singeing process.
Poplin have the whole line/ half line/yarn poplin three categories, the fabric is half line poplin as major, yarn poplin as second, thread poplin as less.
Poplin’s density of warp is greater than weft for one time. On fabric, warp yarn is exposed bigger area than weft yarn, warp convex parts is constructed obvious equal graininess, formed peculiar to poplin diamond particles. In addition, the weft yarn poplin choose weft twist greater than warp twist, so fabric is smooth, fine texture, texture clear, rich luster, sense of silk.
Because poplin’s warp density is one time than weft density, therefore, using poplin sewing clothing, it can wear longer, frequently weft yarn will broken first, longitudinal fracture, this is the shortcoming of poplin.
Poplin have bleaching/ colored/ printing and color fabric article poplin and other varieties. In order to expand the designs and varieties, there is also a clip in the plain weave jacquard organization or satin weave, appearance is beautiful, but in actual use it is less durability than a single plain weave.
Poplin is mainly used in male and female shirt, also used in handkerchief/ bed sheet/bedding etc.

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