What is Thermal Protective Clothing?

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thermal protective clothing
In all types of protective clothing, thermal protective clothing is one of the most widely used varieties. Thermal protective clothing is personal protective equipment used in high temperature environment to promote the body heat dissipation, to prevent heat stroke, burns and other hazards such as heat convection, heat transfer, heat radiant , fusion technology sputtering and hot steam or hot gas damage. Thermal protective clothing not only has the performance of ordinary protective clothing, but also must have the human protecting features in high temperature conditions. Performance of thermal protective clothing depends on the use of thermal protective clothing and using environment, including medium temperature, high temperature heat flow environment, and thermal protection performance and heat transfer methods.
Principle of thermal protective clothing is to reduce the heat transfer rate and the accumulation of heat in the human skin, so as to protect the skin from burns or burns, so the protective clothing not only requires its flame retardant, but also high thermal insulation properties. In the high temperature environment, the skin may be subject to the following thermal hazards: flame (convection heat); contact heat; radiant heat; sparks and molten metal sprays, high-temperature gas and hot steam, arc generated heat etc. Flame, high-temperature gas, hot steam is heat convection, heat contact, sparks and molten drop is heat conduction, and radiant heat is transmission of radiation. Therefore, the anti-high temperature, firefighting and other thermal protective clothing must meet the following requirements: flame retardant (can neither continue to burn nor become a risk factor); perfect and reliable quality (no heat shrinkage, do not melt, emit harmful gases or charring, heat insulation(To prevent heat transfer);preventing liquid penetration (to prevent oil, solvents, water or other liquid infiltration).
Thermal protective clothing can prevent the intrusion of radiant heat, promote sweat evaporation, increase body heat dissipation usually being used in Armor overalls, aluminum foil overalls, but people will feel heat hot when wearing because of limited effect, therefore, we should make right choice of protective clothing and clothing layers, so that all layers of compatibility can achieve the best, to achieve flame retardant insulation and make people comfortable to wear.

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