What are The Different Kinds of Long-Staple Cotton?

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Long-staple cotton originated in South America,  imported into the southeast coastal islands in North America, in China, they are introduced to Hebei, Shandong, Turpan Depression and Tarim Basin of Xinjiang, and enjoyed great success.
Primary types of long-staple cotton:
1, Egypt long-staple cotton
Egypt long-staple cotton is the platinum in cotton. Egypt cotton originated in the South Asian subcontinent, prefers high temperatures and rainy days, the best growing environment are tropical grasslands, temperate and tropical monsoon regions. Egypt is the most important long-staple cotton export areas in the world. Because of its best interior quality, the price of Egypt long-staple cotton is the most expensive in the world.
2, American pima cotton 
Pima Cotton is a collection of Elite Specialty Cotton (ELS), is named by the pima Indian in the southwestern United States and hand-picked cotton tradition. After dyeing the pima cotton, the color is bright and light, soft enough, smooth hand feeling, strong drape feeling, the woven fabric has good tenacity, the finshed fabric has better hanging effect. 
3, Xinjiang long-staple cotton
Xinjiang long-staple cotton is native to Turpan Depression, Aksu in Tarim Basin, Bayingolin, Kashgar etc, the first long-staple cotton region in China. Xinjiang long-staple cotton quality is good, all the quality indexes can exceed the national standard. The best long-staple cotton is in Turpan, the fiber is soft and long, white and bright, and the elasticity is good.

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