How Many Methods to Identify The Jeans Fabric Quality?

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jeans fr fabric
1, Eye view
The good Jeans fabric style is salubrious, with clear texture and pattern. Open the bottom fabric and check the weft yarn, the pattern is clearly and the lines are straight, do not have much more dark spots and other impurities in it, the yarn color is white in yellow. Jeans fabric has to be checked the afterwashing effect.
2, Hand-touch method 
It refers to using hands feel the fabric comfort and texture. Covered the Jeans with entire palm, swipe up and down repeatedly, which can better feel the fabric comfort. The softness and hardness of jeans fabric, despite the fabric structure(Dense structure fabric has hard feeling), yarn characteristic( The large twist of yarn fabric feels rough, the hand feeling of cotton yarn and blend yarn are different), after treatment always affect the softness and hardness of jeans fabric, for example, add softener, liquid ammonia treatment etc, all these will affect the hand feeling of fabric. In total, jeans fabric is according to it’s to natural characteristics to achieve the close-fitting style.
3, Smelling method
Smelling closely, good fabric should be no irritation or other peculiar smell, it is help to sleep if used to make pillow. The environmental fabric can be identified with smelling method.  
Odorless fabric is not always environmentally, but smelly fabric must be unacceptable.  
It can be a generally overview of jeans fabric quality by eyes, hands and smells, if these three tests failed, the fabric quality is not good absolutely. But if you want to identify the jeans fabric scientifically, these three tests are not enough, we have to send the fabric to professional test agent to analyze its chromatic aberration, color fastness, environment, fiber content, abrasion resistance, bursting strength, tear resistance, shrink, slope degree and etc items carefully.

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