How to Inspect The Structure of Flame Retardant Garments?

2017-03-09 14:12 | writer: admin

flame retardant coveralls
Due to the structure of flame retardant garment and flame retardant effect have a big differences, so there are some notices before checking and ordering the FR garments:
1. The accessories such as button, zipper, hook and stumble mostly are made by nonmetal materials such as plastic or nylon. If the garment chosen with metal accessories, before try-on, we must make sure that the metal accessories not exposed outside of the garments when wearers working on all kinds of activities .
2. Looking around the back, pocket, welt and reinforce cloth, better all made by the flame retardant fibers. The proportion of explored parts made by other materials rather than flame retardant materials should less than 20%.
3. For the cold-proof and keeping warm function or other special requirements are needed, the cotton clothes, full lining workwear and the cotton endotheca, full lining should be detachable.
4. Checking the FR fiber, to the same kind of conductive fiber, add to higher density, the FR function will be much better.

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