What is The Difference Between Combed Cotton and Normal Cotton?

2017-03-22 09:00 | writer: admin

cotton flame retardant fabric
Combed cotton: combing machine remove short fibers in cotton fiber (about 1 cm) and it left behind a long and neat fiber. Combed cotton yarn quality is better. Combed cotton has better quality in weaving, and have higher quality standard in washing and durability. Combed cotton is to point to in the process of spinning, increased the delicate carding process, it is comb off short fiber, and eliminating impurity in cotton, to create a smooth yarn, cotton more resilient, not easy cottony ball, the cotton quality is more stable.
Contrast with “Ordinary cotton": combed cotton has thicker density cotton cloth, soft and solid. You can use "watch" and "touch" two kinds of methods to identify common cotton and combed cotton. The practice of the former, is single-layer cotton fabric in hand, with lamplight illuminate after perspective, combed cotton is very tight, can't see the hand shadow after perspective; On the other hand, because of the ordinary cotton has insufficient weaving yarn, the number of hand contour was faintly visible. As for the resolution in touch way, is the actual feeling of cotton texture is soft and solid.

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