What are the characteristics of Workwear made by Nomex?

2017-03-29 14:40 | writer: admin

aramid protective workwear
Nomex® workwear have the following functions:
1.inherent flame retardant,Loi>28.
2.Inherent anti-static.
3.Inherent acid&alkali&organic solution resistance.
4.High strength, high wear resistance, high tear resistance.
5.No molten drop or toxic gas.
6.Fire cloth, cloth thickening seal is not broken, can withstand 900 ℃ -1500 ℃ heat.
7.Arc proof.
8.Water&oil repellent.
9.Clothing dimensional stability, no deformation.
10.Wearing comfortable perspiration, long service life.
Nomex® fabrics are widely used in the fire protection, oil industry, power industry, natural gas industry, metallurgical industry, coal industry, aviation industry, marine industry, automobile industry and military garment industry, especially the labor protection department of foreign enterprises.
Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. is specialized in the development and production of special fabrics, can produce Nomex® cloth production of overalls, Siamese overalls, shirts, jackets, pants and other products.

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