What is The Advantage of Permanent FR Fabric?

2017-04-07 14:32 | writer: admin

Permanent FR Fabric
The customer who bought FR fabric will knew permanent flame retardant fabrics such as aramid flame retardant fabrics and modacrylic cotton fabric will be more expensive than ordinary flame retardant cotton fabrics. But the advantage of permanent flame retardant fabric is also very obvious, mainly in the following aspects:
1. Good safety, fiber does not melt in case of fire, low smoke and no gas released.
2. Permanent flame retardant fabric’s FR effect. Washing and friction does not affect the flame retardant performance.
3. Environmental protection, natural fiber as carrier, wastes can be natural degradation, accord with environmental protection requirement.
4. Excellent permanent flame retardant performance. Have good performance prevent the spread of flame, smoke release, melting resistance, good performance on durability.
5. Good thermal insulation and antistatic performance. Provide completed protection from thermal.
6. It has natural fiber properties. Fiber fabric has a day of wet gas absorption performance, has the characteristics of soft, comfortable, bright dyeing.
7. It has wide application field, such as flame retardant protective clothing; General clothing such as pajamas; Home decorative cloth, carpet, curtain, bed supplies; Household cloth; Industrial machine cover, military with tent cloth, etc.

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