What are The Test Standards for Anti UV Property in European and American?

2017-04-11 17:31 | writer: admin

anti UV fabric
1, EU standard
EU standard EN13758-1:2001: Textiles-Solar UV protective properties-Part1: Method of test for apparel fabrics. It is used to test the anti uv property of anti uv fabric, not suitable for those who provide long-range UV protection products, such as umbrella, sun shade etc. The test samples are divided into homogeneous and non-homogeneous. Homogeneous fabric has to be test 4pcs samples, and non-homogeneous fabric has to be test two pcs sample according to different color and structure, will measured the UVA, UVB UV transmittance average value and UPF value. This standard specifically states that tensile and wet conditions will lower the anti uv property of textiles.
2, AATCC standard
AATCC183-2010: Transmit tanceor Blockingof Erythemally Weighted Ultraviolet Radiation through Fabrics. It is used to test the ability of anti uv fabric to obstruct or penetrate ultraviolet radiation. The test samples are divided into dry state and wet state, according to different requirement to test the samples, the fabric samples were tested three times to obtain the UV transmittance average value in the areas with the biggest UV transmittance, the average transmission of UPF value, UV-A and UV-B were calculated accordingly.

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