What are The Performance Requirements for Welding Protective Clothing?

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Welding Protective Clothing
Welding protective clothing was made by fabric, leather or laminated fabric or coated fabric, this kind of clothing can prevent the human body from the harmness of welding molten metals, sparks and high temperature.
Welding protective clothing styles are divided into two-piece garment and single garment. Also has apron,sleeve-coverings,cappa,shoes cover and so on. The Standard of welding clothing in China is GB15701-1995.
A.The general performance requirements of materials
(1) The warp tensile strength of cotton and other fabrics should be no less than 911N, weft should be no less than 411N.
(2) Leather tensile strength: cattle leather should be more than 16N / mm2, pig leather should be more than 10N / mm2.
2. Sewing single-thread strength is no less than 800N / 50cm.
3. Material safety performance requirements.
(1) Flame-retardant properties of welding protective clothing fabrics should meet the following requirements:
a.after flame time≤ 4s
b. after glow time≤ 4s
c. The char length≤100mm
(2) metal splash impact performance: According to GB15701-1995, after 15 drops of metal solution,sample temperature does not exceed 40k
(3) resistance to electricity: welding protective clothing of the static resistance of not less than 0.1MΩ
B.Sewing requirements
1. The tolerance of the main parts should be consistent with GB / T13661 in the <men's single clothing> provisions;
2. Needle gage should be consistent with the provisions of GB / T13661;
3. Clothing technology should be used:
a. Neckline, cuffs, leg opening should be elastic dual - use;
b. Pocket must be added pocket cover, suture no crease;
c. Buckle to use metal buckle and should be internal type.

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