Different Special Work Clothing Applied in Which Industries?

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fire retardant work clothing
The work clothing varieties gradually have tended to diversification, fashion-orientation development, fire retardant, anti acid and alkali, dust proof, anti-static etc are the cowork clothing’s functions, suitable for the working environment of petroleum, electric power, mining, metallurgy, welding, repairing and so on. In the fabric, different industries for their fabric requirements are different, and the requirements of its fabric is a very high standard, quality determines the grade of work clothing, and at a large level it shows it’s taste, but also embodies the industry characteristics of work clothing.
1, anti static work clothing
Used in the oil, mining, metallurgy, chemical, electronic, atomic energy, aerospace, weapons, food, fireworks and crackers, the medicine industry, etc.
2, anti acid work clothing
It is suitable for chemical factory, chemical fertilizer plants, electroplating factory, storage battery factory, chemical products storage and transportation, sales department and laboratory, and  variety of acid-base pollution sites.
3, fire retardant work clothing
It is suitable for industrial furnace, chemical, firefighting, and all types of work exposed to fire or flammable materials.
4, clean working garment
Applicable to all require clean pollution industries, such as electronics, food, medicine etc.
5, water oil repellent clothing
Suitable for oil-well drilling and other exposed to high levels of oil or sewage work.
Different industries have different requirements for work clothing, and the culture connotations will be different too, but it is the same for the requirements of since ad technology. In the garment function, no matter clothing or tailored clothing, the functions are the most important in this category, comfort and practicality are the most basic characteristics. Work clothing is a perfect combination of clothing and corporate image, becomes a technology of both style modeling and human environment.

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