How to Choose the Flame Retardant Protective Clothing?

2017-05-09 17:39 | writer: admin

flame retardant protective clothing
Choosing flame retardant protective clothing, verify its quality, including check, see, touch, smell, try five steps: 
Check-check the inner and outer flame retardant protective clothing, the trademarks, special labor protection supplies safety sign is complete, correct, accompanied by washing, maintenance, maintenance manuals.
See-see the appearance of the flame retardant protective clothing should be no surface defect, damage and stitching defects. The structure of the flame retardant coveralls shall be the neckline, cuffs, hem three tight types, in order to avoid hot objects or sparks, damage the body. Outer pocket should have pocket flap, lest splash of metal or spark. There have vent under arms/ back/inside crotch in order to cooling the air and prevent external foreign matter.
Touch-A better quality of flame retardant protective clothing touches more soft, and without stimulating the skin.
Smell - some unqualified flame retardants agent has certain toxicity, and has certain pungent odor. It should not have any odor or irritating smell when we take out flame retardant clothing from packing bag.
Try – first one flame retardant protective clothing pockets and decorations, shall not affect the normal work; second try on whether to take off conveniently and quickly, flame retardant protective clothing should be can rapidly take on and off.

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