How to Save Yourself When Chemical Explosion?

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Accidents are likely to happen at any time, the correct and effective self-help knowledge will be our life-saving straw, how to do the self-help when have the chemical explosion :
1, People close to the explosion area, should be quickly evacuated, rather than to fire fighting. It is better to bring wet towels for protecting from the smoke and toxic gases.
2, If the sudden burst of immediate burst of light, quickly back to the explosion point and put hand behind head and looking for blindage and crouch, can keep whole body down if no blindage around. Because the blast shock wave will arrive one or two seconds later than the visual, remember to stay away from the window.
3, If there is something around fall down, hide under the solid table or desk . Leave quickly when stop falling. Be careful of the unstable floors and stairs. Be careful the falling debris when you withdraw from the building.
4, Evacuation should pay attention to the surrounding environment, choose to evacuate to the windward side, do not choose to take the elevator or escalator in the room evacuation, it is best to take the safe passage.
5, Do not crowd, because there may be follow-up explosion.
6, Open the mouth firstly when squat, and hold your breath. Because the explosion will produce a huge sound waves, inside and outside the eardrum produced a huge instantaneous high pressure, it is easy to shake the eardrum. Open mouth is to balance the internal and external pressure, thereby reducing the possibility of eardrum was bad.
7, If the body has a wound, to determine the depth of the wound, if possible, dealing with it by yourself and help others, pls ask for help if could not handle by your self, and rushed to the hospital at the same time.
8, Do not believe any rumors, do not spread rumors, to believe the official channels, and to appease the people around to avoid tensions.
9, Confirmed that yourself are safe, remember to message your safety to your family and friends.
Accident will occur at any time, remember to keep calm, and to escape the scene of the accident the first time, and ask the police for help. Learn more self-help common sense, add a glimmer of hope for life. Wear suitable protective clothing can increase the escape time when the danger comes, increase the chance of survival. The flame retardant protective clothing which were produced by Xinxiang Yu Long textile can provide the safety protection for the wearers when have the dangers.

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