How to Wash Anti-Static Workwear?

2017-05-18 17:30 | writer: admin

anti-static workwear
Xinxiang Yulong Textile production of anti-static workwear can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity, durable antistatic performance, so how to wash anti-static workwear?
While washing, water temperature should be controlled under 30 ℃, clothing per kg with 1 g neutral soap or detergent excluding enzyme, bath ratio not greater than 1:40, using light washing method, avoid excessive friction caused by esd performance degradation.
After washing to dry in the sun or after natural air, through 150 ℃ high temperature pressing for 2 minutes, it can be also used in the 150 ℃ drying more than 4 minutes before using.
Dry, ventilated, avoid mechanical or chemical injury.
Making workwear shall not use the metal accessories, if it (button, zip) must be used, should guarantee it may not be directly exposed metal accessories while wearing.
When wearing workwear it is forbidden wear or decorates any metal objects on clothing, and forbid to wear or off in the inflammable and explosive places.

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