What are The Differences Between Non-Durable Flame-Retardant Fabrics and Permanent Flame-Retardant Fabrics?

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permanent flame-retardant fabrics
Flame-retardant fabric can be divided into non-durable flame retardant finishing fabric and permanent flame retardant fiber fabric. These two flame-retardant fabrics have to leave the fire will automatically extinguish, will not lead to the performance of the second fire, the two biggest difference between the fabric is the latter has a permanent flame retardant effect, and fear of washing, feel comfortable. Permanent flame retardant fabric flame retardant effect is often weaker than the former, rather than durable flame retardant fabric after repeated washing effect will be weak or even disappear.
The weaving process of the two fabrics is very different, so the final flame retardant effect and durability are also very different. Permanent flame retardant fabric is woven in the early weaving with permanent flame retardant fiber woven into. Including resistance to flame retardant, aramid flame retardant and denatured acrylic flame retardant fiber and so on. Xinxiang Yu Long Textile can be produced according to customer demand for a variety of permanent flame retardant fabric.
Non-durable flame-retardant fabric is made of cotton, polyester or cotton or cotton fabric made by flame-retardant finishing, with good flame retardant properties, but not resistant to washing, generally 50 times to 100 times after the fire retardant effect significant decline.
The most obvious difference between the two is the result of fire-retardant after washing, permanent flame-retardant fabric is not afraid of washing, rather than durable flame-retardant fabric intolerant wash. But the quality of the two can not be compared, the two kinds of flame-retardant fabric applications are not the same occasions, in the right occasion to choose the right flame retardant fabric is the best choice in order to play a flame retardant fabric to maximize energy efficiency
Xinxiang YuLong textile production of various types of non-durable flame-retardant fabrics and permanent flame-retardant fabrics, customers can order according to the appropriate flame retardant surface

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