Test Standard for Thermal Protective Clothing in China

2017-06-01 16:23 | writer: admin

thermal protective clothing
In China, the early stage research of the TPP(thermal protective performance) test method on the thermal protective clothing put more emphasis on the FR property test and evaluation of the thermal protective clothing.
At present, China has established a more complete testing method and standard on the fabric flame retardant properties, which including vertical way, horizontal way, oxygen index way, 45 ° tilt method, smoke concentration method sand so on. In the flame retardant test of thermal protective clothing, China used the same standard of other countries for reference and to test and evaluate the flame retardance with vertical testing method, namely to test the afterflame time, afterglow time and char length. At the same time, China has also developed a "protective clothing fabric anti-thermal properties of molten metal droplets impact resistance of the determination of" national standards.
In the Ministry of Public Security’s occupational standards, "the performance requirement for the firefighters protective clothing and test methods" and "performance requirement and test method for the fire insulation clothing ", developed a anti-radiation heat penetration test method for protective clothing. Shandong Institute of Textile Science also refer to the European standard EN366, etc., developed a fabric thermal radiation performance tester and fabric thermal conductivity tester for thermal protection performance testing and evaluation.

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