How to Control and Avoid The Color Difference of Flame Retardant Fabric?

2017-06-07 17:53 | writer: admin

flame retardant fabric
For flame retardant fabric, the color of fabric is one of the important test. So how to reduce the color difference of the flame retardant fabric?
The production of flame retardant fabric to go through a number of processes, there are tiny difference in the process of raw materials, production processes and methods of operation, the color identification for fabric will be effect if the light source is different, comparing environment is different, comparing time is different.
We use the standard light source box, which has a standard unified light source, when use the naked eye to assess the color, you must use the light source in the standard lamphouse that the customer specified to assess the fabric color, then can assess the color different much accurately.
In the proof requirements provided by the customer, generally have a clear light requirements, such as natural light, fluorescent light, D65 light (artificial daylight), TL84 light (European department store white light), CWF light (American department store white light), UV Light and so on. Standard light boxes, especially lamps, must be selected in line with international standards of products, and the use of the lamp to be correct to eliminate the lamp light source is not standard and improper use of light boxes caused by the standard light box is not standard, resulting in color differences.
Some customers require two different light source to compare the color, and even require two light sources at the same time open, with a mixed light source on the color. Encounter this situation, usually to produce a significant jump light problem. That is, under different light sources, resulting in different shades of light, or even beyond recognition.
Then the production enterprises need a stable and accurate color measuring instrument, color under the same conditions used to determine the third base value data, according to the color or the same color index requirements, after the calculation of the appropriate formula, according to the requirements of proofing, get samples , Compared with the standard sample to calculate the color difference, if the color difference is not qualified, the use of formula correction procedures for non-compliance of the sample to be further amended until the customer's request to carry out large cargo production, to avoid the emergence of color difference.

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