What's The Method to Test Flame Retardant Fabric on Clothing?

2017-06-12 18:01 | writer: admin

flame retardant fabric
Flame retardant fabric have various kinds, Some clients will consulting whether 100% cotton fabric flame retardant treatment effect is good, there are also consulting whether cotton flame retardant fabric is durable. There are many customers are concerned about the flame retardant material used as flame retardant clothing, is harmful to the body. Below explain for everybody about the detection of the clothing with flame retardant fabric.
Flame retardant test is based on the Americas and Europe two basic sets of test standard for inspection, the fire retardant standards have EN ISO 11611:2007, EN ISO 11612:2008, EN ISO 14116:2008 / AC: 2009 and EN469:2006.
Test methods including surface combustion and burning at the bottom of the two kinds of test methods. EN ISO11611 for flame retardant safety level is divided into Class 1 and Class2, two levels of technical indicators, the same material must meet the requirements of the above the burning surface and bottom.
EN ISO 11612 protective clothing under the environment of high temperature operation workers and EN ISO 14116:2008 protective clothing insulation and fire one limit flame spread materials, components, and clothing.
NPFA 1971 fire and fire like a full set of costumes test standard, NFPA 2112 industrial flame retardant protective clothing fabrics in the standard test methods are using ASTM D6413-2008 vertical burning method stipulated in the standard.

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