What are The Unique Treatment for Fire Retardant Denim?

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fire retardant denim
There are a lot of treatments for fire retardant denim, which compared with other fire retardant fabrics, the unique processes are: enzymes washing, stone mill washing, sandblasting, cat beard, silicone oil, bleaching, color register, snowflake washing.
Stone mill washing is use special pumice and fire retardant denim clothing for irregular friction to produce the effect of washing old, so that the new jeans looks like old but clean as new.
Enzymes washing is mainly use biological principles to decompose the sizing agent on fire retardant denim, so make the dyeing stuff peeling off, then the fabric becomes soft and bright color, meanwhile have a certain effect of washing old.
Sandblasting from the raw materials are divided into two kinds: one is the emery, another is the potassium permanganate, both of them are using high pressure to spray the emery or potassium permanganate on the clothes, so that the color of the spray position become light and reach a kind of old-fashioned effect, usually in the front and back of thighs.
As the name implies, cat beard is the cat's beard, cat beard washing produces a kind of natural old effect like cat beard in the joint parts of the body when wearing, With the popularity of nostalgia, this process more and more use in the armpit, arm wrist, knee wrist, etc..
Silicone oil is a good softener,  it is generally used in conjunction with other processes.
The bleaching fire retardant denim is white, generally use in the spring and summer style.
Color register refers to dyeing the fire retardant clothing, make up the single color defects of fire retardant denim.
Snowflake washing is use different processes and acid corrosion agent to make the fabric irregular fade, to create a romantic style, the appearance of marble or the appearance of irregular snow white.
The fire retardant denim fabric and clothing produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd are more use 100% cotton fabric, has the feature of tough and durable.

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