The requirement of choosing anti-static workwear.

2017-06-19 18:36 | writer: admin

Anti-static workwear have a certain degree of anti-static permanent performance, therefore, when selecting anti static clothing should be considered the washing requirement according to the pollution condition under the working place, to select the appropriate anti-static level of uniforms.
Anti-static workwear is used for the fire and explosion sites, it usually choose the fire retardant coverall together with anti-static coveralls, which can provide more reliable protection for workers. The anti static clothing for gas station operators and the other similar type of work should also have oil repellent effect.
Cotton-made protective clothing has the effect of anti static function, but not necessarily to achieve the requirements of the anti-static uniforms: quantity of electric charge less than 0.6μC, especially after the washing, because of the choice of detergent etc, the effect of anti static function will be reduced, therefore, when selecting cotton-made anti static workwear, we must be careful, especially in the northern dry regions.
The anti-static workwear produced by Xinxiang Yulong Textile contains suits, coverall etc, they can be produced by clients’ requirement. These clothing are mainly applied to the oil industry, mining and metallurgy industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, special industries and other industries.

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