How to Make Ordinary Fabrics into Protective Fabrics?

2017-07-03 17:49 | writer: admin

protective fabric
At present, there are many customers need flame retardant fabrics and other protective fabrics, but there are many is not very understanding of a common fabric is how to join a variety of functions has become a protective fabric? Here we want to say that in addition to some of the natural fiber has the function, the ordinary fabric is made of protective fabric.
In general, the denaturation of conventional fibers of textiles is an effective way to obtain protective fabrics. If more hydrophilic groups are introduced into the hydrophilic fibers, strong absorbent textiles can be obtained. The impregnation of textiles is the most practical way to make protective fabrics. The protective material is adsorbed and adhered to the textile by impregnation with water through a medium such as water, so that the conventional textile is protective. Such as antibacterial finishing, anti-pollution finishing, anti-static finishing. The coating process is a composite process that attaches the properties of the coating to the textile so that the textile obtains the functions it needs. The coated fabric is part of the coated article in which the fabric is the main body and the coating provides additional functionality such as a waterproof breathable coating, a conductive coating, a shading coating, a radiation protection coating, and the like.
The development of protective textiles is a complex task, a single textile only through the means of dyeing or only through the dyeing and finishing of the function of the development of textiles are not complete.
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