What is Canvas? What are The Features of Canvas?

2017-07-17 17:59 | writer: admin

fire retardant canvas
Canvas is a thick fabric of cotton or linen. Canvas generally use plain weave, a several of twill weave, both warp and weft yarn are made in multiple strands. Canvas is usually divided into two broad categories: coarse canvas and fine canvas. 
Coarse canvas is also called canvas tarpaulin, commonly used No.58 (10 yarn) from 4 to 7 strands of woven fabric, fast and folding, has a good waterproof properties, used in automobile transportation, open-air warehouse cover and field tents. 
Fine canvas warp and weft yarn are generally 2 shares of No.58 to 6 shares of NO.28 (10 yarn/2 ~ 21 yarn /6), used for the production of labor protection clothing and supplies. It can also be used as fabrics of canvas shoes, travel bags, backpacks after dyeing. In addition, there are rubber canvas, fireproof canvas, radiation shielding canvas, paper machine canvas. 
Xinxiang Yulong Textile mostly use fire retardant canvas for production, We can choose different thickness of the canvas for different use of the environment according to customer needs, and our functional canvas can be dyed according to customer’s  requirements.

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