What Kinds of Fabric Anti Mosquito Finishing Process? How Many Kinds of Finishing Process of Anti Mosquito Fabric?

2017-07-22 17:45 | writer: admin

anti mosquito fabric
The repellent agents used to represent the blood sucking insects represented by mosquitoes mainly play two repellent roles by stimulating the olfaction of insects and by stimulating the tactile sensation of insects. 
The repellent that stimulates the sense of smell is called evaporative avoidance. After this repellent treatment, mosquitoes do not bite, not close to the effect. This is because mosquitoes perceive that the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air rises, and when exposed to the human body, it is based on the warm convection in the human body. At this time, molecules of repellent block the mosquito's humidity sensor, hindering the ability to perceive water vapor, so mosquitoes can’t get close to the human body. 
Tactile stimulation is known as contact avoidance. After this repellent treatment, mosquitoes still touch the body, But avoid escape before suck your blood. This is because, after contact, repellent components act on the nerve endings of mosquitoes, sublethal for mosquitoes before they fall or die, causing mosquito confusion and action disorders. 
The finished fabric can effectively prevent mosquitoes and other annoying insects from coming near the human body. This product can be used for outdoor climbing hiking with clothing, tents, fishing clothes, curtains, towels, pajamas, gardening clothing&gloves, agricultural production work clothes, uniforms and other textile finishing, can effectively prevent the West Nile virus, malaria, Japanese encephalitis and other disease spread by mosquito.

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