How to Buy High Quality Fire Retardant Fabric?

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fire retardant fabric from Yulong Textile
How to buy high quality & qualified fire retardant fabric is a focus attention of the purchaser . Then we sort out the important points of how to buy fire retardant fabrics, hope which can help to our customers.
A. Determine the application field and material function
First of all, To make sure the use of fire retardant fabric you want to buy, which is used to fire retardant workwear or decorative fire retardant fabric. Then to make sure that you require the single function of fire retardant or with other functions such as antistatic and water/oil repellent.  
B. Determine the fabric content, According to fabric content, fire retardant fabric can be divided into:
1. The cotton products: 100% cotton , knitting and woven series;
2. The CVC products: CVC 80/20, 85/15, 70/30, etc.
3. Cotton nylon products: CN88/12
4. Aramid products: Aramid Ш A 93/5/2 
5. Acrylic cotton products: 60/40, 60/38/2
6. A variety of other fiber composite
If cannot ensure the fabric ingredients , you can send samples to manufacturers, professional production factory can analysis the fabric content.
C. Effect of Fire Retardant 
Fire retardant fabric is divided into two kinds,which are natural fiber fire retardant and finishing fire retardant, finishing fire retardant fabric is divided into one-time and durability of two kinds. Fiber fire retardant, also called permanent fire retardant fabric, which have effect of fire retardant before weaving. and it is permanent fire retardant effect, washing effect above 50-100 times. Such as Aramid fire retardant fabrics, modified acrylic cotton fire retardant fabrics, etc.Usually used in garment fabric.
One-time fire retardant fabric is based on that Ordinary fabric in late dyeing and finishing after the processing of fire retardant, its biggest weakness is after washing, the fire retardant effect disappear or apparent recession, we usually used in some washing fewer occasions, such as hotel curtain, etc.
About Durability of fire retardant fabric, fire retardants is used in cotton fiber and its blended fabric, its main characteristic is to use this kind of fire retardant after finishing production, after 50 times washing, the fabric also has good fire retardant property. Also used in garment fabric 
D. The quality of the fire retardant fabric testing
Manufacturer specialized in the production of fire retardant fabric needs a professional fire retardant fabric testing room, which can test the quality of each batch of fabric produced, of course professional test report of fabric also cannot lack.

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