What is The Character of Aramid Fire Retardant Fabric? What is The Regular Specification?

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aramid fire retardant fabric
Fire retardant fabric is the special textile which can delay the flame burning. Mainly used for making protective garments, special functional garments, industrial fabric, widely used in metallurgy, machinery, mining, chemical industry, firefighting, garment, petroleum, electricity,  natural gas, coal, aviation, sea transportation and so on. The mainly fire retardant fabric at present is: after treatment fire retardant fabric, for example: 100% Cotton fire  retardant fabric, CVC fire  retardant fabric; Inherent fire retardant fabric, for example: Aramid fabric, Acrylic cotton, Dupont Kevlar®,Nomex ®, Australian PR97 and so on. Fire retardant fabric produced by Yulong Textile also divided into two categories, the first one is the fire retardant fabric which made of natural flame retardant fiber: aramid fire retardant fabric,acrylic cotton fire retardant fabric,aramid fabric blended with fire retardant viscose,and acrylic cotton fire retardant fabric blended with other fiber; the second is after-treatment fabric include: 100% Cotton fire retardant fabric, C/N fire retardant fabric, CVC fire retardant fabric and so on. We will introduce our aramid fire retardant fabric today.
Aramid fire retardant fabric has excellent fire retardant, anti arc, thermal protection, abrasion and tear resistance properties. The protective garment which is made of the fabric when meet the flame will not burn,not melt, not shrinkage, not smoke. Especially when meet the high temperature at 900-1500 degree centigrade, the fabric surface will carbonization and thickening rapidly. The fabric is made by the theory of the fiber’s natural FR character.
The fabric weight which customer usually choose is:120g, 150g, 180g. 210g, 260g, 300g and so on.  It also can be customized.
The regular color is navy blue, blackish green, light blue, red, orange, and khaki.
The executive technical standards of the fabric are : EN11611, EN11612, ASTMF 1506, NFPA2112, IEC61482, ASTMF 1959, EN1149-5, GB8965-2009 and GB12014-89. 

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