How to Identify The Customized Workmanship and Quality of Protective Clothing?

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protective clothing
1.Defects of protective clothing
The standard stipulates that only one defect is allowed in each independent part.Independent parts are divided by the area of the garment, according to the primary and secondary parts of the garment, sub-1,2,3,4 four regions. Each part is an area on the garment.For example the coat has two front, each chest is a part of each site and it is an independent site,two part1 are two independent parts.In the chest of this independent parts,there are patch and patch pocket and bag cover.Standard provisions for each independent site, only allowed to have a defect, that means there are defects on the garment, in this independent part of the patch pockets and bags no longer allowed to have defect. The types of defects due to different fabrics and different judgments according to standard requirements.
2.Sewing protective clothing
The stitch length of the open line (including the obscured dark line) is specified in the gauge density, 14 to 18 stitches per 3 cm.There are varieties of fabric,in order to ensure the appearance of the product and solid, different fabrics should choose a different pitch. Such as rigid fabric needle spacing can generally be thin, soft texture of the material in general can be close to the needle.
3.Specification&dimensions of Protective clothing 
Clothing type setting must be "clothing type series" standard of the relevant provisions. The dimensions are limited to the tolerances permitted by the standard
Production of functional fabrics made by Xinxiang Yulong textile are inexpensive and high-quality, use as protective clothing materials to ensure high quality of raw materials of protection clothing.

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