How to Maintain The Fire Proof Workwear?

2017-08-22 18:18 | writer: admin

fire proof workwear
For how to maintain the fire proof workwear, Yulong Textile summarizes several considerations for the maintenance of the fire retardant clothing as below, hope can help for all:
1.The fire proof workwear must be dry thoroughly before storage, it’s best not to fold when you are done.
2.If the surface of fire proof workwear has small area to burn mark or wear, you can repair it with an aluminum spray gun. If there is damage to the outside of the fire proof workwear then need to change it.
3.If the residue of oil or grease is left on the fire proof workwear, you can cleaning it use neutral soap.
4.If you want remove dirt left on the fire proof workwear you can use water or neutral soap, also can use detergents when necessary, but detergents can only be use in contaminated areas and have to be careful.
5.Every time you take it off, have to check the condition of the fire proof workwear and focus on the wear and tear.

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