Standard Features and Technology and Use of Fire Proof Workwear

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fireproof workwear
Fire proof workwear is one of the most widely used in varieties of individual protective equipment. The principle of flame retardant is mainly to adopt the shielding effect of heat insulation, reflection, absorption, carbonization and so on. The fire proof workwear can protect the workers from open flame or heat damage.
Classification of fire proof workwear
Fire proof workwear can be divided according to the selected fabric :100% Cotton fire proof workwear, fire retardant synthetic fiber protective clothing, high temperature resistant fire proof workwear, Flame retardant aluminum film cotton cloth protective clothing, thermal insulation protective clothing, Select and equip according to the needs of a specific work environment.
Usage of fire proof workwear: 
Fire proof workwear can be widely used in oil fields, metallurgy, welding, machinery, fire and other workplace which has special requirements to the work clothes.
Characteristics of fire proof workwear:
Fire proof workwear are mostly used convenient and durable and safe insulation buttons, the upper body has a safe and convenient built-in pocket, cuffs are equipped with adjustable buttons. In the style of the general 3-tight: tight cuffs, neckline, trousers; general firefighters with a 4-layer fire proof workwear, and general industry is usually a single layer of fire proof workwear; this single-layer fire proof workwear made of the raw material resistance burning fabric or washable fire  retardant fabric, strong flexibility, wearing comfortable. It has wide application, whether it is pipeline workers or cable workers, this fire proof workwear can provide the most effective protection. 

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