Why do We Need to Proceed Fabric Finishing?

2017-09-07 18:15 | writer: admin

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Woven fabrics, knitted fabrics and other types of fabrics, after pre-treatment, dyeing or printing processes such as processing, due to wet, heat, tension and other effects, the original width of the fabric, length, etc. will produce a certain deformation. The purpose of finishing mainly to solve the problem of the following aspects.
1, make fabric width orderly, size and shape stability. Belong to such finishing are: fixed, shrink, wrinkle and heat setting and so on.
2, to improve the feel. This kind of finishing can be used mechanical method, chemical method or under the action of both fabric processing, so that the fabric’s hand feeling, such as soft, plump, smooth, stiff, thin, thick and so get improved.
3, to improve the fabric appearance. The appearance of the fabric, such as gloss, whiteness, drape, etc., is enhanced by physical or chemical means. This kind of finishing are: calendering, electro-optical, whitening, shrink it and so on.
4, to improve the performance of the fabric, or give the fabric a special function. The use of mechanical or chemical methods to make the fabric surface villi, enhance the warmth, such as pilling, shearing, wool, imitation silk, suede and so on. The use of certain chemicals, so that the fabric with water repellent, oil, pollution, health, anti-ultraviolet and other special features. Chemical fiber fabric hydrophilic, anti-static, anti-pilling and other finishing.
The requirements of fabric finishing, not only because of the composition of the fabric of fiber-like, and even the composition of the same fiber fabric, but also because of the type of fabric and specialized use of different, and there are some differences.

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