What are The Attention Areas for Wearing Fire Poof Workwear?

2017-09-11 17:55 | writer: admin

fire proof workwear
First, the full cotton fire proof workwear are more suitable for flame retardancy and thermal protection in general industries. When the fire proof workwear is ignited by the fire source, workers should leave the fire source as soon as possible and take off the clothes. The flame retardant properties of the fabrics are adhered to the fibers after chemical treatment, so special attention should be paid to during cleaning for keeping the protective efficacy as long as possible.
Second, new fire proof workwear should be washed before the first wearing. Washing temperature must not exceed 60℃and should be as low as possible, it is On the principle of washing cleanly. Low water temperature can guarantee the minimum shrinkage of overalls. When washing, you can use household synthetic washing powder, synthetic washing powder, the best PH value is neutral,. Work clothes should not be exposed to the sun and should be dried or dried naturally. It's good to iron while the work clothes are still a little damp. Pure cotton fire proof workwear can be dry cleaned, and general dry cleaners do not affect their flame retardancy.
Third, Don’t attach anything fusible in fire proof workwear, Don’t take fire proof workwear and corrosive things together, the storing place must be dry and ventilated and avoid rat bite, moth eaten, mildew and so on.

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