What is The Difference Between Functional Coating Fabric and Functional Textile Fabrics?

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functional coating fabric
Functional coating fabric and the functional textile flame retardant fabric has its special functional, but their definition, the manufacture, the protective performance, washing way is different. The difference between the two fabrics has below in detail.
From the definition:
Functional coating fabric is mainly on the basis of the fabric using a special process, coated with a layer of special functional materials (such as antistatic coatings, fire retardant coatings), through processing and coating processing manufacture of anti-static fabric, flame retardant fabrics, so that the fabric has special function, is called functional coating fabrics.
When the functional textiles in textile join special fiber blended. As in the anti-static fabric to add a new type of conductive wire or metal fiber blended yarn.
Functional textile fabric weaving also has protective performance of the products. Such as antistatic fabric is to use a new type of conductive wire or woven metal fiber blended yarn of the antistatic fabric, divided into pure cotton, polyester cotton, and chemical fiber three categories. The fabrics because is joined in weaving yarn, so has good antistatic performance. The antistatic fabric antistatic performance is excellent, not easily affected by the outside world, and not only limited to the anti-static, through special processing, can also have more functions such as flame retardant, water &oil repellent.
As for the maintenance and washing way:
Functional coating fabrics using coating processing, so it is forbidden to contact with any chemical detergent when washing, prevent the functional coatings and surface reaction, thus reducing protection performance, even damage the fabric. And everyday wear, easy to absorb dust, difficult to maintain clean.
Due to functional textiles is joined the various functional fibers, no chemical coating. So not only has the characteristic of the protective performance, at the same time, have dustproof, washable, dry cleaning, etc.

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