What are The Advantages of Cotton Flame Retardant Fabric?

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cotton flame retardant fabric
As people living standard gradually improve, we have higher requirement for material life, such as in safety clothing requirement use natural high-grade of cotton flame retardant fabric, so what are the advantages the cotton flame retardant fabric compared with other fiber flame retardant fabric.
Cotton fiber is natural fiber, the main composition is cellulose, and a small amount of waxy substance, Nitrogen content and pectic substances. By various examination and practice, the flame retardant fabric for skin without any stimulation and negative effect, long wear no harm to human body, Health is good.
2.Heat resistance
Cotton flame retardant fabric has good heat resistance, will only cause fabric moisture to evaporate under 110℃,not damage of fiber. So it have no effect of cotton flame retardant fabric if wear, use, washing, dyeing and printing at room temperature, Thus to improve the washing durability heat resisting performance.
3. Hygroscopicity
Cotton flame retardant fabric has good hygroscopicity, in normal circumstances, fiber to absorb the moisture in the atmosphere around them, and the moisture content of 8-10%,so it make the person feels soft and not stiff when it contact with person’s skin. If the cotton fabric increasing humidity and ambient temperature is higher, the water content in the fiber will all evaporates, keep the cotton flame retardant fabric water balance, make the person feels comfortable.
4.Warmth retention property and anti static property
Due to the cotton fabric is a poor conductor of heat and static, very low heat conduction coefficient, and because cotton fiber is porous itself and good elasticity and so on, it can accumulate a lot of air between the fibers, it is a poor conductor of heat and static as well, so the cotton flame retardant fabric has good warmth retention property, anti static property, so use cotton flame retardant fabric can makes people feel warm and comfortable.
5.Alkali resistance
Cotton flame retardant fabric has good resistant to alkali, the fiber does not break the phenomenon in alkaline solution, this performance is conducive to the use of contaminated washing and disinfection, it is also conducive to dyeing, printing and various processing of cotton textiles.

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