Fireproof Workwear Factor Under Consideration

2017-10-14 17:17 | writer: admin

fireproof workwear
Fireproof workwear refers to the directly to flame and hot items, can make the clothing carbonized form isolation layer and reduce the ppe of flame spread, exported to different countries of the fireproof workwear should comply with the regulations of different standards.
Fireproof workwear factors to consider: 
1. Structure design should meet the following requirements: 
1.1 Comfortable, casual, conducive to the activities of the human body.
1.2 The jacket pocket bag cover, to prevent splashes of molten metal or other contaminants into the bag.
1.3 The pore can leave at with appropriate ventilation, and air circulation, sweat, and regulate body temperature. But the porosity should not affect the structural strength of flame-retardant clothing and makes internal external foreign invasion.
2. The Material: 
When temperature 60 ℃, with general synthetic washing powder, every time 15 minutes, wash after 50 times, the flame retardant performance should still meet the requirements. In the experiment that the fabric has a melting shrinkage treated as nonconforming product.
3. Suture Strength:
Joint parts of the garment fit or suture strength: should be greater than 29.4 N.
The fireproof workwear quality is the key in material.

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