What is Arc Proof Fabric?

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arc proof fabric

What is arc?
The arc is the current through the gas discharge phenomenon, when enough strength of the current through the ionization of air, the arc will occur. Arcs can cause an explosion, usually lasting less than 1 second, but can release a huge amount of radiant energy that can ignite or melt everyday wear. Arc temperature is very high, the core temperature can reach up to 20000 ℃. Arcs can cause many secondary hazards such as flames, high temperature gases, molten metal spatter, pressure waves, etc., and may also cause high decibel noise and electric shock hazards.
The stardard that the arc proof fabric need to meet
NFPA 70E、ASTM F1506-01、ASTM F1959、ASTM F1891、IEC 61482-1 and so on.
Foreign arc proof level requirements:
Level 1 requires APTV ≥ 4 Cal / cm2 1 layer
Level 2 requires APTV ≥ 8Cal / cm2 1 or 2 layers
Level 3 requires APTV ≥ 25Cal / cm2 2 or 3 layers
Level 4 requires APTV ≥ 40Cal / cm2 3 layers or more
Cal / cm2 (per square centimeter calorie) is the total energy in a unit area, which is the unit of the order of the arc. 1 cal / cm2 of exposure energy equivalent to a cigarette lighter at the fingertips for 1 second, as long as 1-2 cal / cm2, it will cause the skin caused by 2 pole burns.
The application of the arc proof fabric:
Exposure to instantaneous arcs and associated thermal hazards to electricians, wire maintenance inspectors, substation and pressure control areas of the operator's protective clothing.

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