How to Judge The Quality of Fireproof Workwear Easily?

2017-10-30 17:42 | writer: admin

fireproof workwear
When judge the quality of fireproof workwear,should be request the test report from suppliers,and check the product characteristics,production batch,production date,and the samples in the test report(should be consistent with the products),at the same time should be request the samples from suppliers for future reference.Check the quality of products including checking,looking,touching,smelling and trying five steps.
1.Checking:check the packing of fireproof workwear,logo,the safety signs of special labor protection products if complete and correct,and the instructions for washing and maintenance are included.
2.Looking:look the appearance of fireproof workwear,should be no defect breakage and stitching defects on the surface.The structure of flame retardant suit should be tight of the collar, cuff and bottom,to avoid the hot objects or sparks flying, harming the human body.The garment bags should be covered with cover to avoid any splattering of metal or spark.For heat dissipation, the vent hole should be in the underarm, back, and the inside of the crotch, so as not to enter the outside foreign body.
3.Touching:The good quality of fireproof workwear should be feels soft and does not irritate the skin.
4.Smelling:Some of the disqualified flame retardants are toxic and have certain irritating odors. Take the flame retardant into the packet and take out the smell, should be not pungent smell.
5.Trying:①The pocket and decorations of flame retardant clothing shall not affect normal work; ②The wearing of flame retardant clothing should be convenient and fast.

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