How to Identify The Quality of Flame Protective Fabric?

2017-12-19 17:31 | writer: admin

flame protective fabric
Flame protective fabric testing methods vary by principle, equipment and purpose. The test results of the various test methods are difficult to compare with each other, the experimental results can only explain to a certain extent the advantages and disadvantages of the sample combustion performance.
The first is the appearance of qualified, no flaws, followed by the important flame retardant performance testing, or the need to the regular testing center for testing, or the purchase of large-scale production of flame protective fabric, they have their own testing center to control the quality of fabric.
Determine the flame retardant properties of flame protective fabrics are usually based on: from the flame protective fabric to determine the rate of combustion. That is, the flame protective fabric in accordance with the provisions of the method of contact with the flame for some time, and then remove the flame to determine the fabric to continue the flame burning and flaming burning time, and the extent of damage to the fabric and so on. The flame burning time and the flames of the burning time is shorter, the lower the degree of damage, then the fabric's flame retardant performance is better; the other hand, said the fabric's flame retardant performance is not so good.

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