What are The Influencing Factors of The Price of Flame Retardant Fabrics?

2018-01-03 17:51 | writer: admin

First of all, the price of a product is a sensitive topic, but for different materials such as cotton, polyester cotton, cotton/nylon such as flame retardant fabrics,calculate price has similar formula: greige prices+ dye fabric price+flame retardant technology price+cost of workers+different ways of payment.
flame retardant fabrics
In accounting for the price of flame retardant fabrics, the following factors must be considered:
1. Factors affecting the price of grey cloth: yarn quality;Textile technology such as: comb, open end yarn, ring spinning, etc.
2. Factors affecting dyeing price: cylinder dyeing and rolling dyeing;vat dye, reactive dyes;The depth of the color, the thickness of the cloth, etc.
3. Factors influencing the price of flame retardant technology: one-time flame retardant, durability flame retardant, permanent flame retardant, etc.
4. Factors affecting labor cost: the automation production level of the factory.
5. Factors of payment method: different payment methods and quantity are affected by the price.
6. Price of the purchase of finished products and processing with supplied materials are different.

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