What are The Classification Methods of Protective Fabric?

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1, According to the protected object
The protective fabric refers to the fabric with FR, high temperature resistance, anti static, oil repellent, anti acid, anti uv, radiation protection, weather resistant etc functions, which can provide security for the workers who worked in dangerous environment, to avoid heavy losses of lives and property.
According to different protected objects, the protective fabric can be divided into general and special operation protective fabric.
General operation protective fabric refers to the textile that general working environment for the anti-fouling, anti-mechanical wear, anti-crushing and other common injuries. Such as protective gloves, protective sleeves, leggings, etc., can provide security protection for the workers who worked in mechanical manufacturing field. General operating protective clothing fabric has a wide selection range , different grades of cotton, chemical fiber, blended fabrics are suitable for production.
Special operation protective fabrics are suitable for the working environments that directly endangers the safety and the health of workers, can avoid or relieve occupational hazards. Its specificity is strong, the fabric adopted must meet the national and industry special protective function technical requirements, mainly used in chemical, metallurgical, petroleum, electronics, fire and other fields.
fr fabric
2, According to the protective functions
The functions of the protective fabric are designed by the particular operating environments. These environmental factors can be divided into physical factors (high temperature, low temperature, wind, rain, water, fire, dust, static electricity, radioactive sources, etc.), chemical factors (poison, oil, acid, alkali, etc.), biological factors (insects, bacteria , Viruses, etc.).
According to functions, protective fabrics can be classified: fire-retardant insulation, chemical protection, anti-static, waterproof and breathable, radiation protection, keep warm and defend cold, anti-ultraviolet, anti-mosquito, deader and antibacterial and odor resistant, anti-fouling and other functional fabrics. Xinxiang Yulong Textile Co., Ltd. Is specialized in the production of various types of functional protective textiles, with more than 10 years of research and production experience.
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3, According to the application area
According to the application areas, protective fabrics can be divided into public utilities, military use, medical and health use, leisure sports, industrial, construction, agriculture etc categories.
Public service textiles, such as traffic protection clothing mostly use reflective materials and luminescent materials, increase the eye-catching degree of object (people, roads, etc.), to avoid accidents.
Military protective textiles can be divided into body armor, anti-nuclear clothing, anti-biochemical clothing, camouflage clothing, its function is to maximize the effectiveness of soldiers to effectively resist, prevent and combat harsh weather conditions and conventional, biological and chemical war.
The dosage of medical protective textile is big, it requires comfortable fitting, easy to operate, safe, anti-virus, anti-bacterial, wear-resistant, tear-resistant, and also anti-accidental cut, remove water, reduce surgical infection etc functions.
Leisure and sports protective textile mainly refers to the protective clothing of motorcycle riders, climbers, skiers, skaters etc, it requires the protective clothing not only can effectively protect the human body from harm, but also have the characteristics of breathability, malleability flexibility, portability, easy care performance etc.
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