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Aramid fiber entering the phase of rapid development

2015-05-29 08:44 | writer: admin

Aramid was born in the 20th century, 60 years, it is important to one of high-performance synthetic fibers, is the high temperature organic fibers in the major categories. Among them, the most valuable species there are two: one is a PPTA, my name Aramid 1313; the other is PPTA or aramid Ⅱ, China named Aramid 1414. Kevlar aramid 1313 and 1414 despite a similar chemical structure, and performance is a big difference, applications are also different. Aramid 1313 for its excellent high temperature insulation, known as fire fiber, high-quality functional fiber; Aramid 1414 for its excellent properties of metal known as a bullet-proof fiber, high-performance fibers occupy the central position.
Aramid its excellent cost-effective in high-performance, high functional fibers maximum output. In 2005 the production capacity of about 82,000 tons / year (where PPTA 55,000 tons / year, between PPTA 23,000 tons / year), producing approximately 80,000 tons.
Aramid investment due to the high cost, technical difficulty, for a long time, only the United States and Japan and a handful of national production, process technology strictly confidential, the product is considered an important strategic materials and strict management, the formation of a technical and trade monopoly, in terms of price , the source of our country special restrictions.
Over the years, our country has been committed to aramid made, large-scale technology development, but due to various factors, not always in key technologies to break through. In 2000, only 30 tons/year polymerization and 10 tons/year capacity spinning. China's demand for Kevlar is totally dependent on imported seriously controlled by others.
In 2000, Guangdong Caiyan fiber masterbatch companies to develop their own technical assistance of foreign experts in the construction of 200 tons/year Aramid 1313 pilot production line, the current production capacity has been expanded to 800 tons / year, products with conventional the mainly white short fiber. That same year, Yantai Spandex companies to import technology from Kazakhstan software proposed 500 tons/year production line of aramid 1313 and learn from the experience of Russia to be innovation, in March 2003 built with independent intellectual property rights of 500 tons / year in 1313 Aramid pilot production line put into operation in May 2004, the current production capacity has been expanded to 2800 tons/year. Recently, the company's Kevlar filament 1313 pilot production line has also been put into production. The company is developing the Aramid 1414 has built a pilot production line, will be put into operation in 2007. The company plans to make 2008 the formation of Kevlar production capacity 6000 tons/year of aramid 1313 and 3000 tons / year 1414 the size of Kevlar, making a total of 9000 tons/year.
In recent years, started to attach importance to the development of high-performance fibers, there have been some development and construction of Aramid trends. Sichuan Jinlu Group 1000 tons/year Aramid Ⅱ, Hebei Silicon Valley Chemical Co., Ltd. 1000 tons/year Aramid Ⅱ, Chengdu Golden ants Specialty Paper Company 200 tons/year of aramid paper has been installed equipment. Prichard Zhejiang Science and Technology Company of aramid paper research project was in June 2006 passed the acceptance, Hangzhou Fuyang Special Paper Company is also developing Aramid paper, Fujian Province plans to build 500 tons/year Aramid 1313 devices, Lian-Yun Hong Kong Aoshen Group projects, such as aramid fiber. In addition, Jilin company had 1000 tons/year of aramid and aramid paper construction projects.
China's aramid polymer preparation technology also has been a major breakthrough. March 28, 2007, the China Textile Industry Association was held in Changshu City, "100 tons/year polymer PPTA Preparation Pilot Study on" project appraisal. Identification of group think, aggregation and solvent recovery process technology and equipment with originality, progressiveness, the overall technology has reached international advanced level. With complete independent intellectual property rights, a total of applications for invention patents of 10 countries, of which 5 have been authorized. Will further optimize the technology and equipment, stable product quality, the early realization of 1000 ~ 2000 tons/year scale industrialization.
80's, China has also carried out Aramid Ⅰ(Kevlar 14) and Aramid Ⅲ(a total of a new type of aromatic polyamide fibers) research, but only in small-scale test and pilot phase, failed to achieve large-scale. However, the construction of Chenguang Research Institute of Chemical Industry 5 tons/year of super-strength Aramid Ⅲproduction installations.
From here we can see, our country has entered a rapid development of aramid period. In 2000 only when the productive capacity of 10 tons/year, has more than 5000 tons/year in 2008 is expected to more than 10,000 tons/year to reach 11,200 tons/year.

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