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EU Standards and Certification introduce protective clothing

2015-06-01 08:43 | writer: admin

EU market for personal protective clothing such as winter clothes, anti-electric service, anti-high temperature service, antifreeze clothing, chemical resistant clothing, anti ionization services, fully Geli Fu, require CE certification marking. CE marking is the European market for some products in the basic health and safety requirements of the compulsory certification mark. Protective clothing for the European Commission to develop the basic requirements and standards within the European Economic Area to be consistent.
All outside Europe or European manufacturer of protective clothing must meet the requirements of CE marking to products to the European market circulation. Therefore, the European CE mark is the consumer that the product performance and quality assurance symbol.
Certified standard protective clothing: EN 342: Protective clothing - all cold or coat EN 343: Protective clothing - rain EN 348: Protective clothing - Test methods: To determine the material is molten metal ball on the impact of small acts of EN 381: use of hand-held chain saw protective clothing of persons EN 373: Protective clothing - materials for the molten metal splashes resistance to EN 470-1: Protective clothing for welding processes - Part 1: General requirements EN 471: professional services with a highly visible warning - Test methods and requirements EN 510: Mobile entanglement risk when protective clothing EN 531: the workers exposed to heat protective clothing (except firefighters and welders protective clothing) EN 533: Protective clothing - protection in the heat and flame - limited flame spread materials and material combinations EN 943-1: Protective clothing against liquid and gaseous chemicals, including liquid and solid particles of smoke - Part 1: Ventilation and non-ventilated gas-tight chemical protective clothing performance requirements of EN 943 -2: protective clothing against liquid and gaseous chemicals, including liquid smoke and solid particles - Part 2: Emergency teams airtight chemical protective clothing performance requirements of EN 1073: radiation contaminated protective clothing EN 1082: Protection Clothing - anti-knife cutting and stabbing hand gloves and arm protective clothing EN 1149: anti-static clothing EN 1150: protective clothing - non-professional use visual services EN 1486.
Fire protective clothing - for professional firefighters produced reflex materials, test methods and requirements EN 1621: Anti-car who took the opportunity to mechanical collision protective clothing EN 13034: Chemical liquid personal protective clothing EN 13158: Protective clothing - equestrian protective jackets, body and shoulder shield EN 13546: protective clothing - Sports hockey manager hands, arms, chest, abdomen, legs and genital shield and sports athletes of the tibial shield - Requirements and test methods EN 13567: Protective clothing - fencing's hands, arms, chest, abdomen, legs, genital and facial protection - Requirements and test methods EN 13595: Protective clothing for professional motorcycle hand - jackets, trousers and uniforms were one or EN 13998: Anti-knife cut hand apron, pants and vests EN 14058: protective clothing - cold environment, protective clothing EN 14120: protective clothing - roller sports equipment user's wrist, hand and elbow protection materials - Requirements and test methods EN 14126: protective clothing - protective clothing infected material performance requirements and test methods EN 50286: low voltage installation The current work protective clothing insulation EN 60895: normal voltage to the field work clothing Protective clothing conduction 800600kV Certification Application Process: For the anti-electric services, anti-high temperature service, antifreeze clothing, chemical resistant clothing, anti ionization services, fully Geli Fu, etc.
Certification process in general as: manufacturers to submit samples and technical data certification bodies for testing laboratory accreditation body auditors to come to all through factory audits, continuous supervision of certificates each year for other protective clothing, the general certification process: manufacturers to submit samples certification bodies and technical information on laboratory test test, test reports and certificates issued by the manufacturer of CE marking paste.

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