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What is Nomex IIIA

2015-06-08 08:47 | writer: admin

Nomex IIIA is a protective fabric manufactured by DuPont. Also known as Nomex 142, it is a blend of 93 percent Nomex, 5 percent Kevlar and 2 percent P140.
Component Fibers
Nomex and Kevlar both belong to a class of high-performance polymers called aramids. Kevlar has a high tensile strength, while Nomex is heat- and flame-resistant. P140 is a carbon-core antistatic fiber.
Like Nomex itself, the Nomex IIIA blend is a lightweight, breathable fabric that provides protection against flame, heat and electric arc flares. Its Kevlar content makes the fabric more resistant to breakage. The P140 reduces the possibility of the wearer generating a static electricity discharge, which in the presence of flammable vapors or airborne dust could cause an explosion or fire.
Nomex IIIA is inherently flame-resistant. Exposure to flame will cause the fabric to char without melting, dripping or burning. Nomex IIIA also resists tears, abrasion and many chemicals.
Firefighters use Nomex IIIA protective clothing to keep them safe on the job. Race car drivers and their pit crews, NASA astronauts, U.S. military personnel and industrial workers also wear garments made from Nomex IIIA.
Nomex IIIA meets U.S. National Fire Protection Association standards for firefighters' stationwear (NFPA 1975), industrial personnel flash fire protection (NFPA 2112) and electrical safety in the workplace (NFPA 70E).

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