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Knowledge of the three flame retardant polymer

2015-06-12 08:36 | writer: admin

Flame retardant microcapsule size, wall thickness, strength and flame retardant properties of a sense of release and other objects will affect the flame retardant effect. Micro-encapsulation to improve the shape of flame retardants, performance and increased environmental cleaning, and other aspects of the role.
(B) nano-tips 
In 1965, BlumStin of poly methyl methacrylate / nanoclay composite data for the first time that clear progress in the thermal functions. In 1976, the Japanese patent information was first reported a potential nanocomposite flame retardant features. But until recent years, several scholars abroad to start on the thermal stability of nano-composite of data after the function of the flame retardant and have real beginning. Study found that when the nylon / layered silicate nanocomposite materials in the layered silicate (clay) content of only 5% or less to have good thermal stability, the HRR (heat release rate) do not have the time than the lower peak more than 50%, and without prejudice to other functions of information. This explains the polymer nanocomposite materials with good thermal features, can be used for fire skills. Nano skills important in the flame retardant is used in the nanoparticles fill skills.
(C) skills of grafting and crosslinking 
Grafting and crosslinking polymer materials is to effect a useful approach of recent years, this technique has also been used to make flame-retardant of polymer materials. Photosensitive chemical grafting and grafting including grafting, etc., in order to progress through the graft polymer thermal stability and flame retardant multi-line form of condensed phase, that is done by means of char. Monomer in the polymer adhesion to the insulating layer surface composition, special inorganic insulating layer, to improve the flame retardancy of polymers is particularly useful. Leaving self-crosslinking polymer materials, polymer materials may be the product of the thermal cracking of cross-linked in the condensed phase, may also increase the amount of flammable products to improve the generation of flame retardant materials, and many more radiation crosslinks.
(D) contraction techniques 
Among the flame retardant system, the contraction of flame retardant system recently developed off process due to smoke less, drip, and caused no toxic gas and other people's attention to the strengths. Contraction to be three important common flame retardant system components: charring agent, carbonization accelerator, a foaming agent. The first contraction for fire retardant coatings industry, preparation for shipping, construction decoration materials, cable jacket and other fire-resistant coating. In recent years, there has been little foreign comparable contraction of mature flame retardant system for plastics, rubber and other materials and products.

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